Monday, March 7, 2011

Plant holder to baby canopy

Ignore that noone cared I wasn't smiling in either picture! :(
I found this plant holder at goodwill. The first picture. Im not sure what its real name is but you decorate with it put greenery on top of the flat side. Anyway I Immediatly thought how perfect for my soon to be here nieces room.
First I took the bottom off with a screw driver then I spray painted it black. I bought tulle cut into four 7 foot strips so I had plenty of length. I folded the tulle (the kind you buy on a bolt by the yard) in half I folded the very top down a few inches to give it a soft edge and stitched a few stitches to gather it a little. I then hot glued the tulle to the bottom after that I hot glued the white ribbon over that to give a finished look.
In the after picture I have not trimmed the white ribbon yet and it is shown hanging over my sons bed which is why it doesn't look girly lol
TIP: you may have to buy a new bracket and attach to your canopy to hang since it is now upside down the old brackets may not work. TIP 2: You can drape the tulle over the bed but when your baby gets bigger in order to still be able to use the canopy u simply pull each side back like a curtain out of little hands reach.
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