Saturday, March 5, 2011

Angry birds/spring chicken

I made these spring chickens which turned out to look like angry birds (perfect!) For my dads birthday I did a variation off of this blog because i could not find chips or a pen.
I made the wing by using a squeeze bottle to draw with my chocolate on wax paper. The eyes I used melted brown chocolate I just piped it on. The beaks were kind of an accident :) I wanted to see what my cake coloring would do to my chocolate since it is water based. It turned it like play-doh! Perfect for forming little beaks with my fingers! Bad if you want to use white chocolate and color for dipping. Wilton makes special candy melt coloring for this. I used chocolate cake with chocolate icing for the filling and it turned out yummy! TIP: these do need to be cold to dip but not too cold otherwise the chocolate will crack when drying.
These take a little bit of time but are worth it they turn out "trufflish" cake like and you will get plenty of compliments. People tend to overlook imperfections and flaws in food. :)
If I have inspired you to try some post a link so I can see your finished project too :)
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