Friday, July 27, 2012

Usin' Your Noodle

My lil sister using her "noodle" to fill up the mop bucket... Swimming pool noodle :P

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation Party

This Sunday we had a graduation party for a girl in our church. I was in charge of it and with the help of my awesome friend Kristen this is what we did!
I wanted to go with a Chevron/red and black school colored party!

This is the Cake/main Table

This is the Cake check out my page Make it special Cakes by Bridgette

We had Cute little cups.

Pencil and book flowers. Our table center peices.

Graduation cap reeses.

Wafer Diplomas

Here is a picture of the whole room/gift table...we added her picture in the frame later..and put a table cloth on the middle "crockpot" table :) it was a church dinner party. We didn't get a pic of the really was so cute!

Hope you liked it!

My friend and right hand woman helped me put this all together she also took all the pic check her out at Photography by Kristen
I Heart Nap Time

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby bows

Last weekend when I went to see my in laws my lil neice didn't have any solid bows sometimes its hard to match just any bow to an outfit so I ended up making 12 basic bows! I did it in spurts with some ribbon my MIL had and a two I bought. My hands started to hurt! So I stopped and started up later. I wasnt forced to I enjoy it! Lol but here is my lil neice modeling a couple.

Aah it was all worth it :) look at her lil arms! Makes u wanna eat em up ha ha! So I made more full ones these are actually teeny bit smaller. Ill post more as I get them :)
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another look!

I forgot to add this pic in the post grr

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Easy-cheapy Elmers glue crackled board

I bought this vinyl wall art a while back at ross.

But I didn't want to put it on my wall because we Havnt redone that room yet and it would be lost forever! When I thought of putting it on a board...a board how plain! So I found a tute on crackle paint but I went back and I guess her sites down all the pics are gone! So I guess ill do my own! I sanded my boards edges and painted a base coat I used brown. This is the color you want showing thru.

It takes more of this color because it soaks into the wood a bit. LET THAT DRY! Next you need elmers glue or any school glue and your top coat paint color.

I used french vanilla. Next you need two foam brushes and in section paint a thick layer of glue. U want to make LONG STRAIGHT STROKES and stop your strokes at different lengths or u can see where your sections are. I didn't do this with the first section and u can kinda tell. The thicker your coat it on the bigger your cracked will be less smaller. Now IMMEDIATELY use your second brush and paint over the glue.

Use enough paint do it lightly not to brush the glue along and long strokes not little ones or u will see it in your cracks later. Then go to your next section u use a lot of glue for big cracks! Glue is cheap so go ahead I decided to pour it on and smear it around.

See my staggered stokes. Once u leave one section and go onto another section dont go back it starts getting tacky quickly and will brush right off work quickly the first time small sections if your worried. This is what the first section looked like when I got done with all of them.

Tiny cracks starting to form. THIS IS THE LONG PART! Leave it alone it takes a long time to dry not sure how long but forever! Hours! But so worth it just go do something else I let it dry overnight.

After an hour you can really see it! But still wet...leave it be :) The next day yay its ready I took distressing ink.

and rubbed it on the edges. You can use the base coat paint color or anything like that if you want.

Then I dabbed it with this thing.

All the way around. Next I put on my letters they come with directions. Or you could stencil, paint, cricket, silhouette whatever! Ready for this! TADA

I was going to put a shiny top coat but decided I didn't want it shiny. So..yay! What do you think! if you crackle something post a link in the comment. WHO KNEW elmers glue did that!
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Im going to add this post to this link party

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodwill end table

Remember my Sneak peak from waaay back when? Well this is what I did with it!

I took the glass out and covered it with red and black crackled material. I just put batting on then covered it using hot glue. Then I spray painted it satin finished black. I like this end table but there are a lot of things you can do with it. It is still breakable but if you wanted a different look you could replace the glass with a tile, peice of slate, just cut it to fit. And if you want to do it the right way im sure a peice of wood covered would be more durable. :) what do you think?
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