Tuesday, March 29, 2011

carseat canopy w/ slit front

If you have looked online at any DIY baby stuff you have probably seen a carseat canopy...HOWEVER! I looked thru tutorial after tutorial to find a slit front NOT A WINDOW... A SLIT. I found one on Etsy but did not tell me how to....SO I decided to try it on my own. I SHOCKED MYSELF!!! What do y'all think?
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cookie dough truffles

I made these cookie dough truffles for a friends birthday party. They were a hit :) p.s. using the tower and plates next week with cake balls for a baby shower so don't be shocked ha ha the link to the recipe is below its Ah-may-ZING
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Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My sister in laws baby shower is next weekend. She had mentioned wanting a scrapbook so we will be writing sweet words to Hayden to put in her scrapbook at the shower for an activity. Also the family and ppl really close to her are working on making a page for the book also. Here is a few pictures. 1) the scrapbook she is going with pink black and Paris PERFECT 2) just a random pre made page says "she's a cutie like mommy" 3) best buds isaac and Hayden (yeah its girls its for HER scrapbook) 4) uncle Raymond and aunt bridgette's page with a letter from us so...yep I made all those flowers so proud
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sneak peak

Here is a before pic of my first furniture makeover. This is the top and the legs are obviously not on it lol hope it turns out ok! *fingers crossed*
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my canopy is here on Sundae Scoop Link Up Party!

I ♥ naptime: Sundae Scoop Link Up Party!

bow holder link

I ♥ naptime: {Tutorial} How to make a *cute* Bow Holder!

Bow holders

I made these using this tutorial I made the first bowholder for my new lil niece. Then I started telling people I wanted frames for a picture wall and crafts and ended up with quite a few. :) so I made a few more small ones for my mom and two of my sisters ages 15 And 10 they wear flowers one everyday! As always excuse the lame camera phone and lighting.
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Pillowcase dress

I made this cute pillowcase dress from the leftover material when I made a bowholder it doesn't take much to make a dress this small lol! I made a matching flower and got the shoes for a DOLLAR from King dollar so cute!!
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Overall dress

I took a pair of overalls someone gave me for my son he had quite a few of them and made this. Using the same concept as the onesie dress just no onesie lol
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onesie dress

I made this onesie from this http://barefootinthekitchen.blogspot.com/2009/06/onesie-dress-tutorial.html tutorial and made a matching headband.
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baby canopy another look

Here is another picture of the canopy
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Plant holder to baby canopy

Ignore that noone cared I wasn't smiling in either picture! :(
I found this plant holder at goodwill. The first picture. Im not sure what its real name is but you decorate with it put greenery on top of the flat side. Anyway I Immediatly thought how perfect for my soon to be here nieces room.
First I took the bottom off with a screw driver then I spray painted it black. I bought tulle cut into four 7 foot strips so I had plenty of length. I folded the tulle (the kind you buy on a bolt by the yard) in half I folded the very top down a few inches to give it a soft edge and stitched a few stitches to gather it a little. I then hot glued the tulle to the bottom after that I hot glued the white ribbon over that to give a finished look.
In the after picture I have not trimmed the white ribbon yet and it is shown hanging over my sons bed which is why it doesn't look girly lol
TIP: you may have to buy a new bracket and attach to your canopy to hang since it is now upside down the old brackets may not work. TIP 2: You can drape the tulle over the bed but when your baby gets bigger in order to still be able to use the canopy u simply pull each side back like a curtain out of little hands reach.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thrifty makeover

So I found this tutorial which I loved http://iheartnaptime.blogspot.com/2011/01/thrift-stores-and-1-find.html?m=1 and low and behold I found some similar pictures and wanted to try. My living room is going to be red, black and tan...when I get finished HA HA HA ok really....I liked the white she did but wouldn't really look good for me I mod podged (luster finish) the top of some textured scrapbooking paper to look like snake or alligator Idk? Now to find them a place to go :)
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cup cake pops

These I made from this tutorial http://m.bakerella.com/make-your-cupcakes-pop/ for an after church fellowship. They seemed to be a hit I made plenty and we had leftovers TIP: don't let them get too warm or they will melt down the stick Lol! My car a/c is out only blows semi cold (IF its decently cool outside) and my husband took my car and bout 5 cake pops for too long a drive afterward and they slid right down the sticks lol! That's ok we had noone else to impress we ate them anyway. :D
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Angry birds/spring chicken

I made these spring chickens which turned out to look like angry birds (perfect!) For my dads birthday I did a variation off of this blog http://m.bakerella.com/spring-chickens/ because i could not find chips or a pen.
I made the wing by using a squeeze bottle to draw with my chocolate on wax paper. The eyes I used melted brown chocolate I just piped it on. The beaks were kind of an accident :) I wanted to see what my cake coloring would do to my chocolate since it is water based. It turned it like play-doh! Perfect for forming little beaks with my fingers! Bad if you want to use white chocolate and color for dipping. Wilton makes special candy melt coloring for this. I used chocolate cake with chocolate icing for the filling and it turned out yummy! TIP: these do need to be cold to dip but not too cold otherwise the chocolate will crack when drying.
These take a little bit of time but are worth it they turn out "trufflish" cake like and you will get plenty of compliments. People tend to overlook imperfections and flaws in food. :)
If I have inspired you to try some post a link so I can see your finished project too :)
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What To Expect

I have been secretly following a few blogs for quite awhile now, and have been pondering on whether or not to join in. There are so many blogs out there (who are by far more crafty than I ever dream of being)and I didn't want to look lame and put to shame by their awesomeness but alas here I am joining a world of bloggers in search of people who share my same interests.
 I've done a few of the tutorials people have to offer so I will be posting the outcome soon, so when you start seeing several crafts come up so quickly don't be alarmed by amazing abilities ha ha its accumulative.
I hope not to be just a follower but one day a leader! Have people look at me and say hey what a good idea and man she really has it together. I love the craft blogs but I also want a place to write my thoughts so my name that's why I have my name li'l this n that.yay! lol

practice posting :)

So this is my first post and i am still trying to figure this out. for some reason using this on my phone it is not allowing me to use the exclaimation mark or caps locks while just composing I have to go to edit HTML?...something to do with my phone im sure.   regardless its quite annoying! grr no parenthesis or anything