Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby looney tunes cake

Remember when I made the cake for my husbands job? Well, the office secretary asked me to do her daughters baby shower cake. I was leery at first seeing as I've never done one for pay etc. Im not a professional! So I told her I would do it for cost as a nice gesture (aka if it bombs you still got better than a flat store bought cake!) So she told me it was baby Looney tunes, ok let me see what I can find. I wanted to make the cake and put some little figures on top ...tada no biggy right?....WRONG! Apparently the lil tunes are just now making a come back and figures are not exactly readily available ...or affordable! All "collector" stuff online. being the over achiever=(really insane DIYer) decided to MAKE FIGURES OUT OF FONDANT! I made a practice figure right away and learned the flaws and wilted fondant ness of it. it was a green bunny. So to make the real ones I used gum paste...but they cracked...I need to try something to fix it GOOGLE I LOVE YOU!!! Anyway I came up with this cake and it was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!! And from that a lady wants me to make a SMALL wedding cake. I almost said no but after getting a few details not for a lot of ppl etc im gunna go for it!!! Aaah im excited and nervous!! I meet with the lady wed. To get an idea of what she wants and make sure im comfortable doing the ideas she has in mind. Updates on that later.
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  1. You're a brave, brave girl! LOL I definitely wouldn't be brave enough to try this!

  2. Awe come on! lol! I practiced a bunny first! Ha ha! I think I get an adrenaline rush from the fear of it all bahahaha! woo living on the edge! im so dangerous!

  3. Nice Baby looney tunes cake! Must be so exciting to taste such beautiful cake. I love such designs. At the local event space NYC we also threw the lala loopsy themed first birthday bash for my daughter and the themed cake was center of attraction in this bash.