Saturday, March 5, 2011

What To Expect

I have been secretly following a few blogs for quite awhile now, and have been pondering on whether or not to join in. There are so many blogs out there (who are by far more crafty than I ever dream of being)and I didn't want to look lame and put to shame by their awesomeness but alas here I am joining a world of bloggers in search of people who share my same interests.
 I've done a few of the tutorials people have to offer so I will be posting the outcome soon, so when you start seeing several crafts come up so quickly don't be alarmed by amazing abilities ha ha its accumulative.
I hope not to be just a follower but one day a leader! Have people look at me and say hey what a good idea and man she really has it together. I love the craft blogs but I also want a place to write my thoughts so my name that's why I have my name li'l this n that.yay! lol

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